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Fairest Cape Tours
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© Fairest Cape Tours | Directors: E Booysen & N Gaffley | 1982/003841/07
Contact: +27 82 570 7520   info@fairestcapetours.co.za   
Fairest Cape Tours (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture between Eugene Booysen and Noel Gaffley. With more than 50 years collective experience in the South African tourism industry, we have transported and guided clients from almost every corner of the globe. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and ability and strive to meet every need and attempt to fulfil every request. Whether it be a day tour, a group series or a bespoke itinerary, nothing is too much trouble.

Our directors are extremely hands-on and intimately involved with every aspect of the business. We ensure no stone goes unturned and no detail is overlooked. Fairest Cape Tours strength is that each director has an area of expertise and this makes them a formidable team - marketing, transport and operations are the core elements of any tourism endeavour and they each have a vital role to play. For a short individual biography, click on the names below.

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